Illusion Gantée

Blooming imagination of
a glove garden at
Hotel Sofitel Le Faubourg

March 1 - May 4 2017

Illusion Gantée

An imagination by Thomasine viewing gloves like flowers and plants translated into eye catching sculptural bouquets.

Invitation photo by
Benjamin Taguemount

Illusion Gantée

The installation is sculptured with a XXL paper construction of the PARIS glove model out of the THOMASINE collection.

Illusionary bouquets in four compositions:
Freedom of imagination, it could be gloves, or flowers, maybe butterflies, or just composition of colours.

The window is set like a theatre coulisse with calque paper giving the negative shape of a vase holding the flowers.

Illusion Gantée

The sculptural glove flower compositions are made to welcome visitors into the hotel. Like the heritage of welcoming flower arrangements in important places and homes in many important cultures.

Colour palette of arrangements:
Entry’s elegant bouquet in darkest green and black.
Lobby’s bouquet in blooming sping light of mauves, violets and blues.

Illusion Gantée

The paper illusion:

Creation is made in an instant and an idea is translated by material. Choosing paper for this new art work, emphasizes the imaginary possibilities.
Paper is normally used as sketch material in the design process.

The new imagination is challenging the prejudice on gloves. The paper material gives the possibility of a new dimension that wouldn’t have been possible to create with lambskin.

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